Announcing Seed Funding of 185K


We are more than excited to announce today that ParkAround has received seed funding of 185.000€ from Greek-based Venture Capital firm PJ Tech Catalyst Fund together with angel investors Alexis Pantazis, Emilios Markou, Dimitris Vranopoulos and Chrysanthos Chrysanthou.

We take great pride in the fact that people with great experience and expertise believe in our vision and effectiveness and chose to support and give us the means to make our dreams reality.

We dream of creating a worldwide network of always connected parking facilities, relying on a platform that enables dynamic pricing and real time information, giving drivers access to fairer rates and a revolutionary parking experience!

We explore the market one city at a time and after a year of presence in Athens we are now ready to move on to our next stop: London! According to statistics Londoners are the citizens paying most to fulfill their daily parking needs but we are sure ParkAround can do a lot to restore justice and make car park businesses more profitable at the same time!

You can rest assure that we will be there any time you need a safe and convenient parking spot at fair rates both for motorists and car parks!

A few words on our investors:

  • PJ Tech Catalyst Fund is a venture capital fund that invests in seed stage start-up companies in Greece and supports the development of entrepreneurship in Greece.
  • Alexis Pantazis is co-founder and executive director of Hellas Direct (the first direct-to-consumer car insurance company in Greece), with a 12 year experience in financial services and advisory role in a number of startups.
  • Emilios Markou is also co-founder and executive director of Hellas Direct, former director at Barclays Capital with a rich experience in the financial sector
  • Dimitris Vranopoulos is currently an Investment Professional at Eureca Capital Management LLC and former Executive Directon at Goldman Sachs
  • Chrysanthos Chrysanthou is currently leading Business Development with VCs, Accelerators and the broader startup ecosystem across Europe, Middle East and Africa for Amazon Web Services, while advising and selectively investing on seed stage startups.

PS: ParkAround is a proud member of the Rockstart family since March 2013 where with 9 more startups formed class ‘13 of Rockstart Accelerator!


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