8+1 useful tips for Airport parking


Booking a parking spot at the Airport is an excellent solution since it ensures easy, safe and affordable parking. So, here are some great tips/ways in which you can ensure you parking experience is stress-free and time efficient.

Before reaching the car park

1.Check the email or sms sent for detailed route directions and the map sent ready with the link for your destination parking spot that you have reserved. Especially if this is your first booking, have a quick scroll though the directions in order to reach your chosen parking spot with comfort.

2. If you are on your way to the parking and have any inquiries regarding the route, dial the number found in the confirmation email or sms sent and ask for directions/pick-up.

Once you have parked at your car park

3. Ensure that you have with you all the necessary documents for your trip ie. Check that you have your I.D. and/or your passport as well as your ticket in case it is necessary to have it printed out by the airline you are flying with.

4. Inform the person in charge of the parking for anything you may need before leaving. For example, in case you are parking your car for a long period of time you may need someone to turn the car engine on once in a while.

5. Carry out a thorough inspection of your car before leaving.

Once you return to your car park

6. Carry out one more inspection of your car. Ensure you have not forgotten anything at the parking grounds and that you are picking up your car in the state that you left it or at a better state, if you have requested car wash services during your trip.

7. If you are requested to pay for any extra days rather than those you have used the parking spot for, do not hesitate to question the employee at your service.

8. Receive the receipt/invoice issued at the completion of parking at the car park.

+1. Share your parking experience with us through the review email you will receive, once your booking is complete! We remain at your disposal for any inquiries you may have, and we wish you….

A Pleasant Trip!


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