COVID-19: Travel tips and information about your booking



Some anti-Corona Tips for booking your parking:

1. You can choose Online payment – where available – to avoid contact with cash

2. In case of cancellation of the reservation with Online payment, you have a 100% refund

3. Don’t forget your mask (Its use is mandatory during the parking process in airport areas #MenoumeAsfaleis)

4. You can keep your car keys to selected partners

You can also see some of our posts about the the coronavirus:

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Cancellation info 

Despite the special situation we have been living in all the last months due to the covid19, in ParkAround, we keep our positive mood at a high level😊😊

We do everything we can to better serve and inform you about your trip. Above all, we aim to help reduce the spread of the virus so that we can all stay safe.

Let’s be responsible and careful

Finally, don’t forget… Whatever you need, we stay by your side. Get in touch with us.

Stay tuned for updates




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